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2016 Award-Winning Home Renovation Projects

Custom Interior Renovation

From the locally sourced handmade wood tops and bench cushions to the client-painted bar stools and technology upgrades, this home remodel has personal touches at every turn. Cohesive flooring and updated cabinetry give an entirely new feel to the space. View our portfolio for additional inspiration for your own home project.


Modern Meets Tuscan

A mix of rustic materials and natural stone was used to create a cohesive blend of the home’s Tuscan features with the homeowner’s modern style. Updated lighting and bathroom cabinetry contribute to sleeker lines and an overall cleaner layout. Looking for examples to be used for your own bathroom remodel? Additional bathroom remodeling examples of our work can be found on our bathroom portfolio page.


Brick House

The old floorplan of this home was centered around two deceivingly massive brick fireplaces! After three trips to the dump, the weight was lifted for these clients who love their new open floor plan. This home renovation modernized the space while tying the kitchen and living space together. Updated kitchen appliances and lighting highlight the changes made, while the reduced clutter promotes that openness our clients were striving for. We have a number of additional projects for reference on our kitchen portfolio page.


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