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2017 Award-Winning Home Renovation Projects

Wedded Bliss

This spa-like master bathroom floorplan was rearranged to create a more balanced, shared space for the newlywed couple. Updated backsplash tile choice and mirrors are used to open the space. The overhead window is also now positioned much more effectively to show off the updates to the colors and textures throughout the bathroom. View our portfolio for additional inspiration for your own home project.


Sapphire Suite

Gradient shades of blue and an open and airy design make this grand master suite a true experience to come home to and relax. Enlarged windows take full advantage of the lightened colors throughout the space. Strategic lighting style choice and fixture placement are also used to expand the perceived space.


Alfresco Kitchen

This beautiful, breezy outdoor kitchen successfully reclaimed a large portion of the yard that was overrun with shrubs, now creating an inviting space for any occasion. Lighting and heating fixtures are also included to allow residents to continue to utilize the space well after the sun goes down.


Eclectic Charm

This open floorplan home is given a cozy feel by using a blend of modern, rustic, and traditional pieces creating a space that you would truly want to come home to. Updated cabinetry and lighting are used to completely change the space while retaining the simple color scheme.


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