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Protecting Yourself from a Home Improvement Scam

When looking for a contractor for an upcoming project on your property, who you decide to place your trust in is incredibly important. Here are a few signs that you are working with a reputable contractor:

  1. A reliable contractor will provide you with a full schedule prior to starting the project. If they encounter any delays, the reasons for the additional time needed will be effectively communicated.

  2. They will insist on using a contract to protect both parties involved. We highly recommend carefully reading through any contracts given, and anyone presenting the contract should be very understanding if you'd like to take the time to read it over.

  3. Effective contractors will not pressure you to make immediate decisions. They will understand that changes to your home are not to be taken lightly. Projects and potential changes are large investments that typically need to be discussed with family/business partners before making any decisions to allocate additional funds.

  4. The best contractors will typically not knock on your door to solicit business. Instead, they will rely on references from previous work to promote their business.

  5. Trustworthy contractors will not require money upfront. Contracts are used instead to protect everyone involved in the project.

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